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What began as the dream and vision of company founder Claude Livingston, in 1985; United Roofing has grown into a market powerhouse. With reload warehouses in New Mexico, Colorado, Minnesota, Ohio, Arizona, Florida and Pennsylvania; the United Roofing family is always a heartbeat away from the growing needs of "you" our customers. What started as one production line and an array of used materials has grown into four computerized lines, running 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Our state-of-the-art production plant employs approximately 70 people and offers real benefits and opportunity in an economically depressed area. These offered amenities result in expedient production along with the addition of railcar availability at the plant site. In addition to the 70 plus plant employees, approximately 30 more individuals add to the United Roofing family by serving in roles ranging from the administrative, to sales and marketing, on to trucking and product shipment. We do not think that United Roofing has built our work force; we know it is our work force that continues to build United Roofing.

This is a manufacturing business rooted in family. Claude's daughters, Judy and LeeAnn Livingston, now serve as co-owners of United Roofing. LeeAnn's role as President finds her responsible of operations, personnel, vendor relations, purchasing and other synonymous tasks. Judy, on the other hand, as Vice President, oversees all sales and marketing. In addition, she is actively involved in middle management,

Founder and CEO, Claude Livingston pictured with his wife, Ethel.

banking and other corporate related issues. Though retired, Mr. Livingston can still be found in his office daily. Now a legend in the felt business, he keeps in constant contact with present and former clients as well as overseeing the continued purchase of raw materials.

This is also a manufacturing business rooted in growth. With the addition of a new 68,000 square foot warehouse and an on-site trucking company; United Roofing is prepared to remain competitive well into the 21st century. We recognize the importance of growth, just not at the expense of our personal relationships with you the customer. Finally, this is a manufacturing business built on Unity!!! With all levels of manufacturing working together; Production; Sales; and Distribution; it is an absolute necessity for United Roofing to remain committed to a common goal. That goal is 100% customer satisfaction; and this goal has always and will always be top priority from our family to yours. United Roofing was never built on the dream of being "ordinary." Rather than give this newborn business his family surname, he chose "UNITED." A word that would represent everything his dream would stand for and everything his life had stood for. All who were part of this employment family would forever be "UNITED" in its common goal. Mr. Livingston didn't want an "ordinary" name for his company; he wanted something that went "beyond" that idea. Following in that school of thought, we continue to travel BEYOND mediocrity; "BEYOND THE ORDINARY."
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