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In the struggle to excel in our ever-changing business world, it seems that more and more, the needs of you, the consumer, continue to fall through the cracks of the busy streets of big business. The solidarity of a firm handshake has been replaced with the expedience of a computer program. The importance of face-to-face, voice-to-voice communication has taken a backseat to mass e-mail and automated recordings. We, at United Roofing, understand the importance of progression and technological growth; however we deal in "personal relationships", not "wireless transactions."

Today's business not only requires 'quality' to be built in every step, but demands it. Our entire workforce is empowered to do quality in every process of production. Through our quality awareness training and on-going continuous improvement measurements, we are committed to excellence.

All business is 'people business,' no matter how you slice it. From our teams on the line to our service organization, caring about the customer and doing the job 'right' is the guiding principle. Our Sales team has dedicated themselves toward ensuring your needs will be met with a quality product, impeccable service and competitive pricing throughout the years.

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